Our staff standing outside the building in 2020.


We are committed to providing value through exceptional work performance and conducting our affairs to high ethical and moral standards. We want to lead and enable people to become financially successful, self-supporting, and freedom loving people.


We will be an excellent electronics contract manufacturing support partner with leading technology firms to enhance the lives of our customers, employees, communities, and country.


Tristate Electronic Manufacturing was founded in 1985 by Ryan Null, of Boonsboro, Maryland. Ryan graduated from Arundel Institute of Technology in 1984 and began work as an electronic instrumentation technician in the telecom industry.

In 1985, Ryan opened Tristate Electronic Manufacturing beginning in the basement of his house. Soon the company moved to a facility on the Old National Pike in Boonsboro, and continued there for 3 years. At that time the electronics industry was dominated by through-hole technology requiring most of the assembly work to be done by hand. A wave soldering system and additional production support equipment were added by 1988.

Tristate moved to its present location at 91 Western Maryland Parkway in the Washington County Business Park in 1990, to accommodate growing demands for space and to prepare itself for growth. Tristate began surface mount operations in 1994; began turnkey services in 1995, and added functional test capability in 1998. ISO 9002 certification was first achieved in 1998 and Tristate Electronic Manufacturing is currently certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We achieved ISO-13485:2016 registration for medical device manufacturing in December of 2015.

Out latest achievements include NIST 800-171 compliance and the acquisition of automated component inspection equipment.

As Tristate continues to grow we are committed to diversifying our core base of business. We continue to diversify and grow our accounts over multiple industries and are committed to investing in technology and personnel, as the demand requires.

6 Reasons to do Business With Tristate Electronic Manufacturing


  1. As a small, lean, and efficient business, we have the ability to react quickly and can provide customized manufacturing solutions in a timely manner.
  2. Our staff has an average tenure of 14 years and they have experienced many technological developments and business cycles enabling our customers to utilize this valuable wealth of experience.
  3. We are committed to treating the customers with respect and dignity, always telling the truth, so that we are considered a top class business with people of integrity.
  4. We are located near the intersection of two interstate highways, I-70 and I-81, and within a 70 minute drive of two major airports which allows easy regional travel to our facility.
  5.  Our earned reputation for excellent quality and on time delivery. Our customer satisfaction surveys indicate that they value our straight forward communication.
  6. We invest in our workforce to stay current to the latest ISO, IPC, and  industry practices and standards.