Files Required for RFQ & Manufacturing

The following is a list of information that we will need in order to be successful in our quoting and manufacturing process for turnkey and consigned jobs. The preferred medium is electronic data.

  • Bill of Material – EXCEL format preferred
  • Manufacturer’s Names and Manufacturer’s Part Numbers
  • Reference Designators
  • Part Description
  • Quantity Required
  • Special Contract or Registered Pricing Arrangements

PCB Files

  • Gerber Files (RS-274-D preferred)
  • ASCII Native CAD or Generic Cad Files
  • FAB Drawing / Notes
  • Array Drawing (if panelized)
  • Pick and Place file / Centroid (x,y data)

Assembly Drawings

  • Type of Build: RoHS, Leaded
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Workmanship Standards
  • Drawings/Specifications for any fabricated items or sub-assemblies
  • Special Process Procedures


  • Test Procedures and Scope of Work
  • Flying Probe / ICT Files Generic Cad Files in ASCII format
  • Schematic

Additional Information

  • Quantity to Quote
  • Desired Delivery Schedule
  • Applicable Government Requirements (ex. ITAR)