The basic function of the Assembly Technician is to assemble and solder components onto printed circuit boards (PCB) according to specifications.



Required: High school diploma. Preferred: Vocational certificate or Associate Degree in Electronic Technology.


Required: None. Preferred: One year experience in circuit board assembly, soldering, wiring, and rework.


The ability to perform tedious, repetitive/non-repetitive benchwork, as well as good hand-eye coordination is critical for this position. You must be responsible, have good organizational skills, and be supportive of a team atmosphere. You will learn how to interpret color and tolerance codes, use a microscope, soldering tools, and basic level test equipment as well as read and interpret bill-of-material (BOM) and assembly drawings and notes.

Physical Requirements

Sitting, standing, walking, turning in chair, reaching for parts, and use of hand tools. Must see well enough to read part numbers on SMT resistors, caps, blueprints, and BOMs. Must be able to count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

Working Conditions

Indoors, clean, well-lighted and temperature-controlled environment.


  • Through hole parts preparation and component placement
  • Verification of parts and component insertion
  • Paperwork (travelers, shortage reporting, pre-flow and wave inspections)
  • ECN’s, wiring, and mechanical assembly
  • Hand soldering, touch-up, rework, and cleanliness/final cleaning of PCB
  • Organization and cleanliness of work area
  • Advanced skills (SMT fine pitch, BGA’s, QFN’s, etc.)
  • Ensure quality of assembly assigned with provided feedback from QA
  • Other duties as assigned

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