We are pleased to announce the purchase of Universal’s AdVantis 3 Platform, AC-30S single beam Lightning SMT machine.

The latest release in Universal’s Advantis Platform lineup – Advantis 3 – is the most powerful solution available for the growing technological and capital demands of cost-sensitive business sectors. Advantis 3 delivers targeted functionality tailored to meet all of the production needs in the midrange market, with the high-end performance to distinguish Advantis 3 in its class.

With the ever increasing challenges of today’s surface mount packaging, it is imperative that we invest in the capital equipment necessary to support not only our customers’ needs today but tomorrow’s as well.

Ryan Null, President Tristate Electronic Manufacturing, Inc.

Class-leading Performance

  • 34,500 CPH and picks from trays and tape feeders
  • Board size capability of up to 18.0 X 20.0
  • Intelligent electrical feeders that support auto-validation
  • Auto Z update, automatically compensate for packaging variations
  • NPI Suite allows programs to be modified directly at the machine
  • 01005 capability
  • Flexible Feeder Setup to allow dynamic setups at the machines
  • Software features that monitor, diagnose, and auto-recover from operational conditions
  • Finest Pick PPM and final product yield

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